Double Dump Valves for a Leakage Free Material Handling Process

Double Flap Valve

Valves are basic need of any industry where material handling is important. Industries like food and pharmaceuticals especially have such ingredients where controlling becomes an important part.

There are different pressures used for controlling and different valves for it. Rotary valve is an easy option to that. However, they do not serve in pneumatic pressure requirements because there are chances of leakages of gas.

When you are using pneumatic pressure, the whole process works in an airtight structure and any leakage can decrease the efficiency of process. In such industries, double dump valve or double flap valve is very useful.

They offer you a good air-controlled structure to ensure good control over handling. Sunco brings motor driven cam machines that handle the spindles.

Double dump valve has two flaps where the material falls and each flap opens to move the material further. Counterweights or springs are loaded with spindles and the same are connected to flaps.

With the fall of material, the spring work. With required weight pressure, the flap moves along with spring.

When the weight falls down, springs adjust and flap return to its place. The whole process is however connected to motor driven cam.

Double Flap Valve

Double flap valve is very useful in pneumatic industry as already said. Pneumatic industry works with air pressure. You cannot depend upon the gravity hence you push material with air pressure but leakages are not allowed in the process.

If there is any air leak, the process will slow down or not function properly. This is why rotary valves do not work in some industries. There you will see double flap as important tool.

The structure of machine is completely airtight and there is no need of air pressure to move the flap. Unlike rotary valve, the material here falls in bunches, as a lot.

There is no chance of remaining the material, as there are no blade corners. It simply falls on flat flaps and move downwards when flap twists.

Double Dump Valve

Sunco brings cam-operated valves with good designs. The machines are high in efficiency with their heavy-duty power and material. Fixtures and mechanism of machine is well machined.

The machine is constructed of steel and cast iron for a goo weight and structure.  You can have different sizes and capacities for your requirement. These machines are also good for high temperature.

If you are processing material with some amount of heat then this machine is suitable for you. For a better experience, you can also ask for a steel machine. Fully steeled machine may cost little more but more suitable.

Though double dump valve is best usable with pneumatic pressure due to its leakage free usability, it works with other pressures too.

If your process of material passing is pneumatic, you can use the flaps system while still operating the valve manually or with motor. This is a nice way of controlling material with less efforts, high efficiency, lower cost and good standards.

With compact design and small sized functioning, you can keep it clean for a better process. Hygiene is of high importance in food and pharmacy industry.

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